What is a Routine Inspection?

Routine inspections are carried out to ensure the property is well cared for and to check if there are any maintenance or health and safety issues.

A routine inspection is not a housework inspection; the person inspecting the property should appreciate that people are living there. However the tenant should have the property in a good condition on the day of inspection.

Purpose of the Inspection and Report: The purpose of a Property Inspection and associated report is to record the condition of the property on the date of inspection.

Scope of the Inspection: The Inspection comprises of a visual assessment only, of both the interior and exterior of the property.

As per privacy laws, none of the tenant’s furniture has been moved to provide an unrestricted visual inspection and no ladders have been climbed to inspect roof cavities, etc.

The person carrying out the inspection is not an expert in building, electrical, plumbing, glazing, gas fitting or pest detection. If these are required, an appropriately qualified, insured and licensed building, electrical or pest inspector should be engaged.

Sample of Routine Inspection Report

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