Qld 'moving on' public housing tenants

Queenslanders living in public housing will be encouraged to see their homes as transitional and the management of housing stock will be outsourced.

Housing Minister Tim Mander announced on Thursday his 2020 vision for public housing, which focuses on encouraging tenants to move into the private rental market.

Mr Mander said while high-needs tenants would be protected, it’s hoped within seven years that 250,000 people will either be moved out of social housing, or discouraged from initially entering the system.

They’ll receive government support, education and guidance to maintain private rentals.

“Our aim is to change the mentality that some people have about social housing,” Mr Mander told a budget estimates hearing.

“It is meant to be a privilege, not something which is accessed for life.”

The government also wants 90 per cent of social housing managed by community housing providers by 2020.

“We are moving away from being direct provider of services, to being an enabler of services in regards to management of social housing tenancies,” Mr Mander said.

Another 12,000 socially affordable housing dwellings would be built by 2020, focusing on one and two bedroom units.

An extra 820 new properties would be built in indigenous communities and at least 200 indigenous families would be assisted in moving into home ownership.

Labor’s Jo-Ann Miller said singles on the dole wouldn’t be able to afford private rentals, not even the cheapest accommodation in her electorate west of Brisbane.

“Your new strategy is already flawed isn’t it? You haven’t done the sums yourself, it’s a con on all Queenslanders isn’t it?” she asked during the estimates hearing

In 2011 about 31,000 households were waiting to enter public housing but that number has been reduced to about 22,000.

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